Soap Design Class Goes “Earth Tone”

My most recent class at The Nova Studio was day 1 of the 2-Day Soapmaking Boot Camp.

No, not that kind of Boot Camp. There are no push-ups or sweating. But we do cram a lot of training into 2 days!

Day 1 is my day and all about design in cold process soap. Swirling, layering, embedding and coloring. We touch on a lot of topics. And I demonstrate some of them by making 4 different batches of soap.

These were some of the bars from the lastest class…








The many shades of green, brown and red were completely unintentional. I guess I was feeling “earthy”. 🙂

See lots more of these soaps on Flickr.

Day 2 has Jen Grimes and David Critchfield teaching how to make soap by the Hot Process and the “Big Batch” way. (Make 100 bars at a time?! Now that’s efficient!)

All together, it’s everything you need to know to make a whole bunch of beautiful soap!

If you’re ready to take the Boot Camp challenge, you can sign up here!


8 thoughts on “Soap Design Class Goes “Earth Tone”

  1. Gorgeous soaps, Ruth! I especially love the funnel swirl and the mantra swirl. It would be so fun to take a class at the Nova Studio, but I’m pretty far away from California. Maybe someday …

    • Thanks, Marieke! For this class, the prerequisite is a knowledge of color process soapmaking. It’s usually a wide range of experience. Some students have their own soap businesses, some are hobby soapmakers, and some have just taken a soapmaking class the day before. It’s a great mix!

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