Pear & Lily – soft as Spring itself

IMG_0293You may have seen this photo on my Facebook page recently. (Did you even know that I have a Facebook page?) I was using all these colors in one batch of soap. A new soap. And here is how it turned out.

The plan was to have three different colors: two shades of pink and a leaf green. (Are you getting a sense of what this one will smell like? Hm?)

IMG_7365I used a tube mold to get round soap bars, instead of my usual rectangles. I’m really liking the way that round bars feel in my hands. And I poured the soap so that I got alternating layers of color. Concentric circles of color.


Meet “Pear & Lily”: a little floral but not overwhelming, a little fruity but not sweet. Soft. Warm. Spring.


These are on the curing rack now and will be ready to use in about 5 weeks. Unlike Spring, which is right around the corner. (Yay!)


16 thoughts on “Pear & Lily – soft as Spring itself

      • I’ve used the PVC tubes most often since the few attempts I had with the cardboard tube had me in fits too. I’ll have to hunt for some plastic to line them with and try them again. We’re playing with circles over the next few weeks so it’ll be the perfect time to try it out! Thanks Ruth!

    • Thanks, Donna! Yes, I’ve seen bars like that: kind of half a column. So the round part fits in your palm and the flat part you can rub on your body (or hair, in the case of your shampoo bars). Make perfect sense!

  1. Perfect for spring Ruth and the column swirl is lovely! It makes me get itchy when I see soap that is so laden with color. Yes they are beautiful I know but itchy!

    • Thanks, Pam! So colorants make you itch? That’s too bad. Have you tried natural ingredients that you can use to color your soap, like clays and herbs? Maybe those may be better for you.

      • Ruth I misspoke. I love the colors in your soap they are gentle muted colors not over loaded. It is the soap that is overloaded with color ingredients that make me itch. Yes clays are fun to use!

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