Soap Cupcakes Only Look Edible

It’s hard to believe, but the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild Annual Conference is coming up so soon! Or maybe it just seems like it’s very soon because I’ll be doing a demonstration during the conference and I’m a bit nervous about it. I spoke at last year’s conference, but didn’t do a demonstration. Honestly, the thoughts of everything that could go wrong is starting to freak me out a bit.

…Deep breath…ok…

So between now and then, I’ll be practicing my demonstration of how to make these

Those are soap cupcakes. Don’t they look so real? It’s amazing how soap can pipe just like frosting.

So to get ready (and ease my nerves a bit) I’ll probably do a little mock practicing to get the timing of the demo right. Then I’ll practice with my family as the “audience”. (That’s what family is for, right? So what if they have no interest in learning how to make soap cupcakes? Do they really think that I enjoy folding laundry?)

Heck, I’ll probably end up blowing up a balloon, drawing a face on it and practicing in front of that!

…Deep breath…

Maybe a real cupcake would calm my nerves? Hmm…


15 thoughts on “Soap Cupcakes Only Look Edible

  1. You’ll do great! Soap cupcakes are my love! Well I love bar soaps and all, but I love coming up with new designs for cupcakes and they’re just so darn cute!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pam! No, I’ll just pour the bottoms right there. Then they will set up nicely as I’m talking about the tools and such. They’ll be ready for frosting after just a few minutes. Will I see you at the conference this year?

  2. They do look yummy enough to eat! I’m a little hesitant to make my stuff look edible, after my elderly father ate not one but two pieces of solid sugar scrub cubes scented with lavender…..I had sent them to my mom to try out, and when he saw them he assumed they were candy.

  3. Hi, It’s Melika from Tunisia, again, lool !!! I have done many of these. It looks more complicated than it seems. The most important part is to choose the frequence oil for the upper part, since you work with these, that does not set up very quickly . I work with essential oils so they set up differently and i had some pretty surpising experiences, lool . Maybe that is not even the question with fraquance oil, maybe they behave all the same. So good luck to you and I am positive you’ll do great :-)))

  4. Your cupcake soaps are gorgeous, Ruth! They look like the real thing, especially the one with the purple frosting and chocolate sprinkles. You’ve got great piping skills! I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful demonstration at the conference.

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