Latest Restock: Oakmoss and Tonic

Soap can be a mysterious thing.

Oakmoss, for example, not only smells mysterious (all warm and sultry and woodsy), it also acts like it.

Behold Oakmoss right after cutting into bars. Reminds me a little of pound cake. (With green icing?)


The edges are brown because this fragrance discolors the soap. But only as it ages and reacts with the air. So when it’s freshly cut, only the outsides are brown.

But this is what those bars look like now that they have cured. IMG_6407

I love that warm, brown color. And though it may look manly, this scent is always a favorite with the ladies. (Take note, gentlemen!)

Also just in: Tonic. No mystery here. Tonic is fresh and crisp and green and right there in the shower with you just pushing you to have your best day ever! (Your boss might appreciate that, too.)IMG_6649 Both available right now at Sirona Springs online.

3 thoughts on “Latest Restock: Oakmoss and Tonic

  1. Just found your blog! I was wondering if you tell me if your Oakmoss is an essential or fragrance oil? Also, if I may ask where did you find it I’m having trouble finding the scent. If the second question is asking you to give up some trade secrets I understand and no hard feelings!

    • Hi Sylvia, my Oakmoss bars are scented with a fragrance oil. But I’m not sure that it smells like purely oakmoss (as in the absolute). It’s more of a blend of different scents. There are lots of great suppliers of fragrance oils. If you are looking for a fragrance oil that smells like just oakmoss, I would check out some of these: Bramble Berry, The Scent Works, Nature’s Garden,, Oregon Trails Soap Supplies, Majestic Mountain Sage. They all carry great fragrance oils, and you might find just what you are looking for. Good luck!

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