When Bubbles Attack!

It was a strange week for soap bubbles around the world.

First stop: Japan.soap2

No, it’s not winter there. It’s just very bubbly! Seems someone on the 13th floor of a nearby office building thought it would be a good idea to get rid of 40 liters of body wash by dumping it in the sink drain. Oops.

I’m guessing someone needs to clean up his resume about now. 😉

And then a couple days later, it looked like Christmas again in Purgatory Creek, Virginia. (don’t you love that name?).


At least this time it was an accident as a truck full of dishwashing detergent crashed on a rainy day and spilled some of its cargo. Nobody was hurt, but they are still monitoring the creek to see how the wildlife holds up. I’m sure they were not happy about the unintended bubble bath!

Here’s some video of that mess:


It makes using too much detergent in the washing machine look pretty tame, doesn’t it? 🙂


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