Juices make some pretty soaps

Handmade soap is usually made with water. It’s what we use to dissolve the sodium hydroxide to make a lye solution. (Remember: no lye = no soap)

But it doesn’t always have to be made with water.

Last weekend I taught one of my favorite classes at The Nova Studio: “Soaping with Alternative Liquids”. Which alternative liquids? How does beer, coffee and vegetable juice sound? (Sounds like a balanced diet, to me.)

Here’s what the bars made with juices looked like when I cut them a few days ago. They are two-toned because one side was made with carrot juice, and the other with tomato juice. It’s a great way to get natural color in your soap!

carrot and tomato

Here’s some more details and photos from the first time I taught this class.

And if you’re interested in joining me next time, keep an eye on our class calendar for upcoming dates.

8 thoughts on “Juices make some pretty soaps

  1. Very nice, Ruth! I made a soap with carrot juice and really enjoyed it. Plus, it gave the soap such a vibrant orange color. I also love using beer and goat’s milk in soap. I want to try using wine someday, too.

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