My Drop Swirl Technique Challenge Soap

Every trade has its trade magazine, and my favorite soapmaking magazine is Saponifier. It’s always full of helpful information about soap, ingredients, techniques, business and other soapmakers. And bonus: it’s a digital magazine, so no trees are destroyed to bring me my soapy news fix!

Saponifier posted a challenge this month on their website called Design Mania, and I certainly couldn’t resist. Their recent July/August issue included (can you believe this?) five design tutorials. All different, all gorgeous, and all inspiring. The challenge was to make soap using one of the techniques. The hardest part was picking which one to do!

In the end I chose the Drop Swirl technique. It is SO easy, but looks so intricate. My favorite kind of technique. The key in this one is really color: pick a good group of colors and you can’t go wrong.

My inspiration was the coming Autumn season, so I chose colors that reminded me of changing leaves.

All the entries are up and public voting is now open. Go on over and feast your eyes! I bet you’ll be inspired, too. But don’t forget to vote before you go off to make some soap! 🙂


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