Top Soap Blogs

You like to read about soap and soapmaking, right? (Otherwise, what are you doing reading this? Go for a walk, or something!)


Well, you’ll love a recent Nature’s Garden blog post: a list of 50 soap blogs they think are tops!

I was thrilled to have my blog included on the list. But, do you know what was more thrilling? Discovering all those other super soap blogs! Many were completely new to me, so now I have lots more soap reading to do. And so do you.

Check out this great resource and discover some new soapmakers who are out in the world sharing what they know and what they love. I’m sure we can all learn something from each other.


5 thoughts on “Top Soap Blogs

  1. Hi i recently came up on 100’s of soap molds, loaf , rectangles , square edge , Christmas trees, oh boy! I want to sell them I have so many where is a good place to let fellow soap makers aware I have this amazing collection and I’m The best deal by far I bet! I have so much. Please , where should I let people know. -karen.

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