Soap Swapping: Because you can never have enough

Soapmakers love soap. Any soap. So it’s common for soapmakers to 1.) have a lot of soap around the house…

Love soap in my shower - The Nova Studio

My shower on any given day. My family thinks I’m nuts.

and 2.) love collecting soap from other soapmakers. That what I love about soap swaps.

A swap happens when a small group of soapmakers plans (either in person or online) to make enough bars of soap for each person in the group. Then they are all sent to one person (sometimes called the swap host/hostess). That person sorts all the soap so that everyone gets one of each kind, and gives/sends them all back to the swap participants.

The latest soap swap that I was in happened at the 10th Anniversary Party for The Nova Studio. Participants signed up ahead of time to make cold process soap, melt-and-pour soap, or both. They brought the bars to the party, and then went home with a lovely selection of soap from all the other soapmakers in the swap.

Here’s my little group of soaps. They were made with an “In The Pot” swirl design of pale green and orange, and scented with Orange and Petitgrain essential oils (one of my all-time favorite combinations).

Soap Gift Bags for The Nova Studio

Aren’t the gift bags so cute? Click on the photo for instructions on how to make them yourself.

And here is the haul that I got back.

Anniversary soap swap 2013 at The Nova Studio

Aren’t they all so pretty, and yet so different? I love that about soap.

Inspired to set up your own soap swap? Let me know how it goes!


3 thoughts on “Soap Swapping: Because you can never have enough

  1. I would love to swap soap with some American soap makers. I live in NC, but most of my recipes is Asian inspired. I just started my English blog too. it is a lot of work….I mean the blog

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