Another craft project checked off the list

I’ve always been in awe of artists who can draw or paint. But I never felt like I have that kind of talent. Sure, I can paint the walls of a room, maybe add a layer of glaze to give it some dimension. I even rehabbed a stone fireplace that had been painted white by “faux” painting it to look like stone again. But still life, or landscapes? No way.

Then I saw this modern take on painted flowersย (thank you, Pinterest!),ย fell in love, and put it on my Crafts To Do list. Months ago.

Finally, I decided earlier this week that I could wait no longer and needed to just “start” the project. I figured it would take a while and that I’d do it in phases. Two hours later, it was done. Sweet!


I started by diluting some brown paint and washing it over the purchased canvas.


I used various colors of acrylic craft paint (they came in a handy set of the basic colors), blending them until I had the color that I wanted. Then I used white or black or brown to get the different shades. Foam brushes made it easy to control the paint application.

Modern flower painting

Finally, mounted in my bathroom on a wall that has been blank since it was renovated (4 years ago! what!?).

It could not have been easier. I would encourage anyone to give it a go for some easy hand-painted art. And don’t wait 4 years!

6 thoughts on “Another craft project checked off the list

  1. I love this!

    I’m also more than a little impressed that you actually made something you saw on Pinterest. I’m an utter Pinterest addict but although I pin a lot, with great intentions, I never seem to get around to doing much ๐Ÿ˜€

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