Tips for Pinterest

Are you a “Pinner”? Do you like to browse Pinterest looking for your next craft project, dinner recipe or beauty tip?

Sirona Springs Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is an online tool for collecting, organizing and sharing photos of the things you love.

Packaging Ideas Board

My Packaging Ideas board

I use it to keep track of things I stumble upon online, and for soap design inspiration.

But, what am I thinking? If you were hooked on Pinterest, you’d very likely be there right now and not reading my blog.

Because, let me warn you, Pinterest will suck you in. Oh yes, it will.

So for those of you who have (at least temporarily) escaped the pull of Pinterest and are here now, I offer a few little tips to make your stay in “Pin Land” a little more addictive productive.

Name Your PhotosMica swirl pin
When you pin your own photos (from your blog, for example), be sure your photo has a good name. Don’t just use the default “IMG 4392” or “my_cat.jpg” because that will show up as the caption unless the pinner adds his/her own caption. Many pinners don’t bother. So if you want to make your pin more interesting (and have a little control over what the caption reads), give it a good name.

Use Secret Boards
Pinterest boards are like categories for organizing your pins. If you have an interesting board, other pinners might follow it and see what you pin for their own inspiration. Secret boards are boards that only you (and those you invite) can see. Perfect for sharing a project with a small group, keeping track of a gift list, or (in my case) planning your surprise wedding.

Surprise Wedding

We invited some of our closest friends for what was supposed to be a birthday party, and then surprised them with our wedding!

Track Pins
Once you click on a pin, you can track how it was added to Pinterest and which boards it’s been pinned to. Just scroll down under the pin. That’s a great way to discover other boards and pinners that share your interests.

Soap Porn Board

My board of gorgeous soap from all over the internet

Do you have a Pinterest account? What do you like to use it for?

Leave a link to your boards in the comments so I can follow them, too!


12 thoughts on “Tips for Pinterest

  1. Ooh Ruth I’m completely addicted to Pinterest! I rue the day I added the app to my phone lol – such a wonderful time waster :-D. I use it to keep track of all the lovely stuff I come across on the web, as well as repinning loads of stuff I never even knew I was interested in! I’ve also found loads of advice on there for the upcoming house move, so I created a board for that too. I’ve got a few soapy boards – I’m already following you!

  2. Hi Ruth, Thanks for the tips on Pinterest! I am a Pinterest newbie. I just set up an account but have to admit that I find it a bit overwhelming to browse though. Maybe it is information overload or something like that for me. I like your tips on using secret boards for planning a party or special event (I am pretty organized by nature). My board is I like how you set up your boards and am following you for inspiration. šŸ™‚

  3. Whenever I don’t know what else I could stare at, I click at the small red-white ‘P’ icon on my phone. So much inspiration and information can be found there. Interesting, I use it only from my phone and only when pin my photos, I see how it actually looks on big screen! Going to check if I already have followed you. Mine is DivaSoap!


  4. Pinterest is like the rest of the internet: a wealth of info and ideas and a major time suck, whether being used productively or not…..I have to ration myself.
    Re: surprise weddings. You are the first person I know of besides myself to do this. My husband of 37 years and I did the same thing, inviting folks to a surprise birthday party for him that was in stead a surprise wedding. WONDERFUL party and wedding!!!!

    • I agree, Nancy: it takes a disciplined soul to ration time on the internet. And our surprise wedding was the best! Everyone was already planning on spending the weekend together, so it turned into a wonderful love-fest with so much to celebrate. šŸ™‚

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