Yet Another Use for Soap

My last post was on clever uses for soap – but here’s another that I neglected to include…insulating your house!

Yes, it’s true – a research team is working on finding a way to use slabs of soap, mixed with straw & filled with air bubbles, to insulate houses! Since traditional insulation is a product of crude oil and soap can be made with recycled vegetable & animal fats, switching to something like soap has the potential to be a much more responsible solution.

Check out more details here!


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Use for Soap

  1. That’s brilliant! I can’t wait to tell my husband (who is currently insulating a room in our house and deciding on the best eco friendly way), that if he holds off on the project until the research team makes their final conclusions, we could potential use all of our soap scraps to finish the room!!! (Hehe) Joking aside, that’s very cool… thanks for sharing!

  2. What a delightful suggestion! I am having an addition done in my house and as it turns out I have so much SOAP! I have a serious addiction to making it, I love it. I wonder if it would add a smell to my house, like a fresh smell or something. I am not joking I love it.

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