Special Soap Ingredient: Breast Milk

Honeycomb Handmade Soap from Sirona Springs


At Sirona Springs, we mostly keep our soap ingredients pretty basic – oils (olive, castor, sustainably grown palm, and coconut), water, sodium hydroxide, rosemary oleoresin extract, fragrance, color & additives. One exception would be Honeycomb, which includes a special ingredient – goats’ milk. But never has Sirona Springs gone quite as special as soap company Liquid Gold Soaps has – by including their customers’ own expressed breast milk in the soap recipe!

Yes, it’s true. For just $15 plus the price of shipping your milk to the company (plus a cooler & dry ice) you can have 5 ounces of your breast milk turned into 3 bars of all-natural soap for use on you & your baby! While reputable scientific studies on using breast milk topically are few and far between, anecdotal evidence on the healing properties of breast milk pile sky-high. But whether those properties could survive the soap making process is unknown. One thing is certain: including milk in soap creates a creamy bar of soap with lots of fluffy lather that most people love to use!

If you are interested, learn how to pack & ship your storage bags to Liquid Gold Soaps on their website and read about their scenting options. I certainly can’t promise that your soap will help with any skin issues you have, but I absolutely believe you’ll be happy using handmade soap over the detergent bar you can buy on the grocery store shelf!

And if you just want to try a bar of soap made with milk to see if you like the feel, check out Honeycomb – at $6 a bar with $7.95 flat rate shipping (and no styrofoam cooler or dry ice needed!) you’re bound to save a couple bucks before you invest in shipping your breast milk to Liquid Gold Soaps!


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