Archived Newsletters

This is a list of archived Sirona Springs newsletters, in case you’ve missed one.
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Magnetic Soap

Glycerin in Handmade Soap

How to Make Your Soap Last Longer

Nothing to Fear from Bar Soap

The Roots of Soapmaking in the Middle East

Valentine’s Day 2011

“Art of Soap” book review

“Best Used By”

The origin of the “Spa”

Why Soap Smells So Good

New Packaging

Spring Cleaning

Valentine’s Day 2010

Ingredient Spotlight: Palm Oil

Learning About Cosmetic Ingredients

More Soap Trivia

Holiday Giving Trivia

A Party in Your Shower

How the Ancient Romans Got Clean

Ingredient Spotlight: Coconut Oil

Ingredient Spotlight: Olive Oil

Save the Earth: Join a CSA!

The Royal Bath

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