Soap with Superpowers

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Melt & Pour Soap Colorants, Embeds & Scent – the type of soap Donovan makes

You already know I like soap and at this point maybe (probably) think I’m going a little overboard with my claims of it having superpowers.

But I speak the truth.

A young boy named Donovan & his mother Casey struggled with homelessness four years ago. Thanks to the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico, Casey was able to get back on her feet with an apartment, new job & hobby to share with her young son – melt & pour soap crafting. Her son Donovan loved making soap and at only 11 years of age launched a soap business.

Not only has he now had the opportunity to be in the press numerous times, he also keeps up an Etsy shop with his creations, and his soap business had led to lots of other amazing opportunities. He is currently away from his shop while he acts in an upcoming TV show! Donovan still has a heart for those still stuck in the cycle of homelessness, and donates a percentage of his profits to groups like the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico. Love for your fellow human beings? Now that’s a super power.

Keep up with Donovan on Facebook, where he posts about adventures like volunteering, acting, and more. Or check out his Instagram account, where he’s been sharing images from the set where he’s acting!

Maybe real life superheros don’t turn invisible or fly, but maybe they do take an unfortunate situation and make the very best out of it. Great work Donovan – may you continue to show off your superpowers for a long, long time.


8 thoughts on “Soap with Superpowers

  1. Hi Ruth:

    Excellent article as usual. We are glad to hear about Donovan and his family – we wish them the best of luck and also an exciting time learning and making new soaps.

    Soaps in general, provide a useful hobby as they can be used for personal hygiene and household care. We encourage anyone to learn more about the beauty of natural and organic soaps.

    Thanks again for sharing this story & we look forward to similar topics here in the blog,

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