Soap Coming to the Website Soon!

I made soap a few weeks ago & will soon we wrapping, labeling, and listing it on the website! a few of our most popular scents will soon be restocked. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos for you while you (im)patiently wait:

chopping calendula tools and embedsyuzu and morning mojito

Check out those calendula petals! They decorate the top of the Yuzu soap logs (the 2 to the on the left in the third photo). They need to be chopped a little before going into the soap to make for a nicer user experience. And that little herb shaker? Now you know the dirty (or clean…it is soap, after all!) secret – the mint flakes in Morning Mojito are really parsley! Mint flakes would eventually turn brown (ew!) while parsley keeps its color. Don’t worry – you won’t smell like dinner after your shower!

provence oakmoss cut oakmoss

Provence, an old favorite, is getting a face lift this time around. The new look will be dreamy and peaceful – stay tuned for photos of this bar cut later on! The fourth and final type of soap making its big return is Oakmoss – isn’t that dark outline a cool look? Sadly, it won’t stick around – eventually the entire lighter brown section will turn that dark color.

Keep your eyes peeled – these pretty newcomers will be on the website soon!

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