Sweaters For Your Soap Bar

I hear cooler weather is coming, along with fall leaves, the holidays, crackling fires, and hot cocoa. California is fooling me with high 70 degree weather, though! It’s hard to believe we’ll soon be preparing for Thanksgiving when my summer wardrobe is still getting daily use. But not everyone is in drought-stricken California! So if you’ve traded your flip flops for rain boots & your sun hats for beanies, this is the post for you, my friend.

Because what is more reasonable in the cold seasons than adding a bit of wool to everything? Including, dare I say it, to your bar of soap?

This fun process is called “felting” and anyone can do it! Check out the detailed instructions for the bar of soap above at Otion’s blog.

And with a lot of practice, you can create some striking designs! Check out these inspiration photos (make or buy these beauties by clicking on the image for the link):

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