The Soapless Life?

A layered soap with a wavy top

A layered soap with a wavy top

Lately, there’s been a growing faction of society (a very small one, I’ll wager) that is foregoing soap & shampoo altogether. Have you heard of this? The idea is, as a society we over-cleanse, and are actually doing ourselves a disservice.

There are some points that simply can’t be argued. For example, even if you don’t use soap, rubbing your hands together under running water for 30 seconds will still remove any dangerous bacteria from your hands (though just TRY to get grease off your hands without soap – I dare you!).

It’s also been proven that a daily shower is not best for your skin or your hair. Dermatologists typically recommend cleansing every 3 days.

That said, this family is still soap-friendly. In fact, if you saw how many bars of soap were currently in my shower, you might be worried for me 😉 Where do you fall on the spectrum of soap lover to soap leaver?


11 thoughts on “The Soapless Life?

  1. Cold dry weather here in the winter, so don’t shower every day. When I do though, I soap up with three or four of the many, many (many many many many…) soaps in the shower. Aaah, bliss.

  2. Handhygien is not taken care of just with water. Trust me, I’ve been working with this for 20 year in a big international company. I know for fact that all reserch prove that too.
    With that said, your soap looks beautiful so enjoy your batroom time and get clean using soap 👍😃

  3. Life without soap??? I do not fall in this category, because I shower twice a day! Peppermint soap to wake up in the morning and Lavender at night to relax. Bath products are my sanctuary! I don’t wash my hair everyday because it is long and takes too much time to dry, but giving up soap (handmade of course) no way😊

  4. As a nurse I can tell you that I would be fired for not using soap when I wash my hands. Simply creating friction does not kill germs. I will err on the safe side for my patients and myself and continue to use soap.

    • Good point, SoapsnStilettos! I guess I was thinking more in the vein of “if you don’t have soap, just water is better than nothing” but it’s so nice to have the huge community of the internet full of experts to come weigh in on the subject 🙂

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