“Coloring Soap Naturally” eBook Available Now

Looking to expand your options with natural colors? Maybe you’ve tried a few already but weren’t happy with the results?

Using natural ingredients to color cold process soap can be so rewarding. But it can also be a gamble. In the world of cold process soap, what you see is not always what you get. Soap ingredients are often exposed to very high pH levels and temperatures that can ruin the beautiful color of a juice or plant leaf. It can be a disappointing experience, costing not only money but also precious time. That was my experience, anyways.

When I wanted to color my cold process soap naturally, I went looking for information about natural colorants. But I found that I just couldn’t find the answers to all my questions. Or I found answers that contradicted each other. Or that were so vague that they didn’t really help. I decided I had to find out the answers for myself!

Don’t waste time and supplies hoping for a good outcome. I’ve done the testing for you!


To get the answers, I decided to systematically test ingredients that included leaves, roots, spices, petals, and clays. I tested them in soap that went through a gel phase, and soap that didn’t. I tested them when added at trace, in the lye, and as an infusion. I tested each ingredient in all the different ways that soapmakers make cold process soap.

Now all my results are presented in my new eBook, “Coloring Soap Naturally”!


This 51-page PDF digital book includes:

  • Results of the 34 different natural ingredients that were tested
  • Full-color photographs of all the results
  • How the colorant looks when added at trace, in the lye and as an oil infusion
  • The difference in color between each soap when it went through a gel phase and when it didn’t
  • Clear descriptions of all the procedures used to do the testing (so you can do it, too!)
  • List of suppliers of all the ingredients used

You can have bright, beautiful soap colored naturally!

“Coloring Soap Naturally” can show you how.

After purchasing this PDF-format digital book, you will receive an email right away with a link that lets you download the book directly to your computer. Because there’s no time to waste when there’s beautiful soap to be made!

Click here to get more info, read the FAQs, and download “Coloring Soap Naturally” now!



24 thoughts on ““Coloring Soap Naturally” eBook Available Now

  1. Congratulations on the book, Ruth! How exciting! I haven’t experimented much with natural colorants, but maybe I should – your results look beautiful!

  2. Hi Ruth, what’s the best way to contact you about carrying this ebook in my online shop? I’d love to include it over at BathandBodyAcademy.com (we’re gearing up for a relaunch in July) and I know it’d be of great interest to our customers. Thanks!

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  4. Hello Ruth, I recently came across your information and just purchased the e-book “Coloring Soap Naturally.” I’ve dabbled in soap making since early last year (2014) and was surprised that everyone (family & friends) love my soap. I’ve been looking in to natural colorants which is how I found your blog. I’m waiting anxiously for the e-book! Also looking at some of your classes. I’m in Southern California so not too far.

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