Sirona Springs now a part of something bigger!

I’ve been hinting around Facebook lately that there were big changes coming to Sirona Springs. While you may not notice anything on the surface, it’s all different behind the scenes.

I’m thrilled to finally reveal that my soap company is merging with The Nova Studio and becoming one big, beautiful, bath-and-body business!

photo for newsletter 3The Nova Studio LLC is the brainchild of Lori Nova Endres. She opened The Nova Studio ten years ago as a place for people to learn how to make their own soap and body products. I’ve been teaching there for four of those years, meeting and showing students from all over the world how to make beautiful handmade soap.

photo for newsletter 2

I was thrilled when Lori asked me to join her and Cassie, the studio manager, in this new venture. Now we are all three partners, and so excited about the new things that are coming! Just for starters, we’ll be expanding the classes that are offered, and adding a line of luxury handmade soap to The Nova Studio. And soon I’ll be heading up a new pilot program where students will have the opportunity to become involved in the production of handmade products at the studio.

Don’t worry: you can still find your favorite Sirona Springs photo for newsletter 1soaps right where they’ve always been. But now they will be just one part of the great things that we have in the works at The Nova Studio LLC!

Read more about The Nova Studio and the new partners at The Nova Studio Blog. I’ll also be blogging over there more often, so you should consider subscribing to it while you’re there!


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