Packaging Innovation

Check out these interesting frozen yogurt bites that require much less packaging (just a paper box) than regular yogurt:

According to an article on the product, they could technically be sold without any packaging at all, since the protective covering is completely washable. Unfortunately, most markets aren’t set up to sell non-produce items without packaging, so they had to make do with the paper box.

There was also a recent news story about a waste-free supermarket set to open in Germany. Original Unverpacket aims to carry local groceries to cut down on transportation costs and their carbon footprint, as well. You can check out more on them on their NextStart, which raised over 100,000 Euro.

Here at Sirona Springs, we have made the decision to wrap our products to keep them as fresh as possible for our customers. Shipping and sitting on a shelf can be hard on a bar of soap that is prone to dents, finger marks, and chips! But we’ve taken steps to make sure our packaging is as earth-friendly as possible. The “plastic” wrap you see is biodegradable, a product called Biolefin. Instead of turning into smaller pieces of plastic over time, it will actually turn into its building blocks.

We also decided to go with a folded paper label inside the wrap instead of a sticky label on top. This makes it easier than ever to drop that slip of paper into your recycle bin. Finally, shipping materials are recycled, made of recycled material, or re-used from previous shipments as often as possible!

Have you ever been to a zero-packaging grocery store? What was your experience?

2 thoughts on “Packaging Innovation

  1. Fantastic idea about the packaging.
    Now a days, people do not trend to believe with out good packaging.
    wrapping is also a good idea but it may be time consuming for some product.
    Good article to read.
    Let’s hope for the best.

  2. Informative blog about packaging, Because of packaging we will save our products from harmful substance. Soap wraps are very necessary to protect your soaps from harmful substances.

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